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Desarrollador PLAYNYWHERE
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Everyone has those moments when they want just a brief moment to escape. Wouldn't you agree?This application is that moment. Play Pinochle with 3 computer AIs to get a small game just for you.
The game has the following features:
1) Customizable settings including AI aggressiveness and scoring to match your preferences.-- Because it is yours, make it your way.
2) One of the better AI's out there.-- I had two regular Pinochle players comment and contribute to the AI and said it's the best out there.
3) Beautiful, sleek interface that is quick to load. -- Important when you unlock your phone and just have to have it!
4) Open to feedback and future features.-- This is not just something that is planned to be just released and sit. Contact with feedback and suggestions.
5) No advertisements, personal information collection, or limits on gameplay.-- Advertisements often get in the way of fun no matter how "unobtrusive" because free apps are based per click. This app has none of that. Just a quick break to do play a game.
Thank you for supporting the development efforts by checking this game out!